Saturday, July 2, 2011

365 days

There’s that ache again. Recognise it now.
The pain in my chest wanting, needing,
To burst out through the hole that is there.
Permanently gaping.

The noises that rise from the depths of my being
Out in to the air
Shouldn’t surprise me, but they do.
Still feeling raw.

Oh, the things I would change if I could.
To have your gorgeous whole healthy self here.
That cheeky laugh, those quirky ways.
Ah, hindsight.

I miss you endlessly.  More than all the blades of grass
And all the ants in the world.
Weren't you just in my arms? Didn’t I kiss your chubby cheeks?
Just dreaming.

Still so surreal. Time drags. Time flies.
Each step I take is one forward but
Only ‘cause I know that’s what Ive got to do.
Miss you.  Love-a you. Always. 
Copyright 2009 Joshua