Thursday, June 19, 2014

Remove the thorn!

Okay, so this post is a bit philosophical. But relevent.

A few weeks ago I was trimming the palm trees in my yard, and if you don’t already know, they can be dangerous! If ends of the fronds make contact with any part of your body, it is highly likely the tip will remain imbedded in your skin, and can be so painful! They apparently do contain a poison. 

Anyway, the day after, the knuckles across my right hand were so sore, I could barely bend my fingers.  I also realized I got a palm tip in my big toe. It didn't bother me as much to begin with, and I thought it would probably come out by itself. But over the last few weeks, an annoying pain remained. I had a bit of stab at it one night when I was in a hurry to go somewhere, and decided it hurt too much, and again figured that since I’d broken the skin, then maybe the tip would work its way out itself. 

Yesterday, I’d had enough. I could feel the dull but localised pain each time I walked and placed pressure on a certain part of my toe. I took some time, and finally, after some digging, got the little blighter out! The relief was instant. Although having said that, there is some residual pain, but it feels different and I know it will eventually go.

This is the little tip that was causing me pain. I mean, seriously. That’s it. In the scheme of things, very tiny, but very painful.

It had me thinking about life, and in particular certain events and situations occurring not only in my life right now, but for those around me. Not unlike certain people in our lives, or situations.

We know these people or situations are potentially dangerous in some way. They’re toxic or destructive, but we go there anyway. Some people or things cause more pain than others. Then, they get under our skin, and we try to ignore it. We are not honest with ourselves, and want to believe that things will just go away, or get better by themselves.

Often we get to a point where we attempt to change things and remove ourselves from the situation or person causing us pain. Sometimes it can take many many attempts. And sometimes we fail at that. One reason I believe is because it hurts. Just like having a bit of an attempt to remove the palm tip, it hurt too much at the time, and I believed it was easier to leave it alone, and placed the responsibility elsewhere by thinking it would work itself out.

Once we make a firm decision, and take that final definitive step to remove whatever is causing our pain or sadness (or whatever is relavent to you here), it is a scary step. Being accountable and taking responsibility is often painful in itself. We know that action will hurt. But after it is done, there is immediate relief. And that’s not to say some pain will not remain, because it does. Especially if the cause of pain has been there a long time, and if numerous attempts have been made to try and remove it.

Sometimes we’re left wondering why we took so long to make a change. Sometimes we realize that taking action wasn’t as painful as we thought it would be, because we’ve avoided it so long. Very occasionally, the source of pain and discomfort can not be totally removed; so then look at what else you can change or adjust?  Maybe it could even be simply the way you view things, your attitude.

But innately you also know that you will feel much better, once you’ve taken the steps to remove the cause of pain. It will feel different, you may even be scarred. In the long run, especially then, you will be free. 

Decide to be accountable, and take responsibility for your actions. Importantly, be honest. It’s your life. It’s your choice.
Copyright 2009 Joshua