Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life

My life is not all doom and gloom without Jojo.  Every day is hard, everywhere there are constant reminders, but it's okay. I'm okay.

I shared the last post because again, anyone else going through a similar thing may relate, and feel a little better knowing that they're not the only one.  I'm just being honest.

So, for those of you who dont know, I'm a scrapbooker from way back.  My sister in law (now an ex, legally, but we still regard each other as sisters) first got me interested about 9 years ago.  I went on to have two craft and scrapbook websites, and a little mini store from home.  My site closed after Joshy's accident, for obvious reasons.

I loved scrapbooking.  It utilised my favourite things;  its's hands on, creative,  free expression, always different, photos, memories.  I also like seeing a project come together quickly, unlike, for example, quilting.  It also enables a story to be told about the photos.  Its like creating a legacy, or documenting family history.

Here are a couple of pages done in the past.

I haven't scrapped for more than 2 years. Ive done a couple of tiny projects, like a couple of handmade cards, a mini album for a new baby, and some altered wooden letters, but thats all.

If scrapbooking is a way of remembering and recording your life and your family, I simply didn't want to look at what Josh was, or what he had become.  And I didn't even want to scrap my other kids moments during this period either.  I just wasn't ready.

Until recently.

Almost around the same time I was first introduced to scrapbooking, I "discovered" Becky Higgins. She is held in high regard in the scrapping industry.  Simple pages. Unique ideas.  Easy to do.

One of her latest concepts (actually, its at least a year old, but yeh, well, Ive been out of the loop for a bit), is called Project Life.  Rather apt I think.

There are variations on how to maintain this kind of album (some ideas are here).  But the main idea is that you add one photo, and on one little journalling card, you write about that pic.  I have 3 albums which Ive purchased just a few weeks ago.  I will be doing a photo a day for my family's 2011 album.  The second album I'll be choosing random photos out of my piles of printed pics, and journalling about each as the mood strikes.

And my third album, will be just for Josh.  About his whole, too short life.

And for the first time in years, I'm looking forward to putting it all together.  Oh, I know it wont be easy.  But I do feel it is necessary.

Its my family's past, present and future.

I will share a bit here later on.


I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

I miss my boy

So, I'm sitting here at work, in my little cubicle office, entering data in to a spread sheet, minding my own business, when WHAM! outta nowhere, I think, rather loudly, "I miss my boy."

I try not to acknowledge the thought. I mean, hello? I'm working. I'm busy.  But no.  No consideration - again in my mind I hear "I miss my boy."  Yes, I know, I think in return.  Happy now?  I heard you.  "I miss my boy!" my mind practically screams back...

My eyes well with tears.


I take my eye drops from my handbag - handy for just such an event, and I briefly wonder how I even have presence of mind to of thought to grab it - and I go to the bathroom.

I stand in front of the huge windows looking out to the street.  And I let go...

I'm aware of my shoulders moving in time with my sobs.The mirror is next to the windows, and I turn to look at myself.  Im thinking I look a lot older when I cry.  But I havent cried like this in a long time.

I miss my boy.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself  And I definitely don't wish for my entire old life back, because there are a lot of things I never want to go through, or my kids to go through, again, Josh aside.  But I do want my Jojo back.

Thankfully, no one has come in during my... here Im stuck for words...Session? Cry? Moment? Release?

I take a deep breath. And another.  I do feel better.  Drained. Exhausted. But better.

And thankfully, no one comes in while I blow my nose, smooth out my hair and fix my makeup a little.

And finally, I lean my head back, and add the eye drops to my eyes.
Copyright 2009 Joshua