Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

For some, when they've experienced the loss of a loved one, or a trying to cope with caring for someone ill, or where life just isn't the same as it perhaps once was, Christmas especially can be a challenging time emotionally.   

For me personally, Christmas and other anniversaries are no different to any time of year.  Christmas and anniversaries are usually okay.  My moments of melancholy or reminiscence about my Jojo usually occur when I least expect them.  But most times, I, and my other kids, remember and talk about him openly and with big smiles on our faces.  Because that's the kind of boy he was - always smiling, or at the very least, making others smile. 

This holiday season, in Australia anyway, is the time to be more vigilant around water. Never become complacent, and please, always watch the water. 

Wishing you and the special people in your life a lovely Christmas and bright 2014. x

Copyright 2009 Joshua