Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A cuddle

I woke around 5.30am to some different noises of Josh. When I checked him, he was in a mad sweat all over, and making more sounds. Hard to explain what those sounds are... like a sigh, but with a vocal sound. One of the reasons I reckoned he was so hot is because normally he just has a sheet over him, but they'd also put a blankie from home over that. Imagine laying there among a sheet-covered plastic-y mattress, and plastic-y pillows! So I buzzed the nurses, and we left off the blankie, and took off his jammie top. It was a bit scary!

They also removed the tube that goes directly into his tummy, through his nose, that takes away "normal" stomach secretions. The doctors in the meeting yesterday thought this nasogastric tube was unnecessary, but one of the things that could happen is vomiting, which is sometimes due to no other contents into his tummy, such as his formula. (His formula goes directly into his small intestine).

Josh has three different meds for his eyes now (since Monday evening). Every 2 or so hours, theres something to put in them. But we cant really see any improvement; his eyes still look bloodshot at the bottom, so we'll ask them to check again.

I laid in bed with Josh this morning, while waiting for the shower room to become available. The bed of course adjusts up and down etc, so I propped my elbows and head with pillows, and Josh laid on my lap, for about 40 minutes. Just as we were getting ready to lay him back on the bed, and timing! as the nurse came in, Josh coughed, and vomited (not a huge amount luckily!)

Later, the NUM apparently wanted to meet with us (she was at the meeting yesterday). She was concerned we'd asked about perhaps moving Josh to a Neuro ward, and went on to explain the benefits of being in the ward he is in. One of those being the relationships that are built with the nurses who look after Josh, and the rapport and trust formed, which Id only just mentioned to John this very morning. Anyhow, we had a good talk, and it was a very important thing to happen, because it was reassuring.

Before we knew it, it was 1pm, and Josh was whisked off for his EEG. My Aunty had also made an unexpected visit, but I had to leave!

John rang an hour or so ago. They still hadn't given Josh a shower, and he vomited twice more on his way to have the EEG.

Again, I must thank everyone who sends gifts and messages, provides us with meals, and boxes of food, and offers services to us. It helps so much!

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