Saturday, February 28, 2009

Different Doctor, different opinion.

One of the head consultants told us that another Doctor, with many more years experience than herself, would be taking over for the next week or two. They rotate being in charge apparently. We met him this morning, and John and I liked him immediately. A no-nonsense kind of guy, dry, but cracks a joke before you've realised it. His thoughts are totally different to those we've experienced by most others. He believes that all basic needs should be met. There is no question. So, if a child needs suctioning, then suction. If they get an infection, then treat with antibiotics. He thinks that only extra-ordinary circumstances need to be re-checked. Such as other problems happening while he is on antibiotics, or needing further intubation, for example. John has always thought that if Josh got an infection (for example), that it should be treated. In the meeting last week however, the Doctor and Neurosurgeon made it perfectly clear that their recommendation is to not treat a chest infection. So that was confusing. And makes me feel guilty that I even considered not treating one.

I'm quite sure that this Doctor is on, when our next meeting takes place. I certainly hope so.

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Anonymous said...

John and Wendy
I am so excited to hear this. A positive and proactive doctor on your side is a great thing.


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