Monday, February 23, 2009

To clarify

After speaking with someone just now, I just thought I would clarify a couple of things regarding possible "decisions".

The doctors, especially the Palliative Team, have made it clear that they're neither prolonging or shortening Joshy's life. So Josh is (or "the Powers That Be") the one deciding and fighting his way through this and staying here with us. He is such a strong boy; he has always been known for his independence and determination.

If something happens along the way regarding Joshy's health, thats what Im referring to in terms of how much to help him get through it. The doctors can advise, but that choice is up to us.

If Jojo suddenly stops breathing, the question is do we resucitate? The doctors advise not to, as that's further time without oxygen so further brain damage. But if he gets an infection, say, in his chest, we then need to decide whether to treat or not.

I hope that makes things a little clearer.

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Leesa said...

You and John have done an amazing job so far in raising a beautiful happy, smart, determined and brave little man so you can rest assured any further decisions you may make will also be the right ones.

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