Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday the 12th

After removing the IV that was in his arm yesterday morning, Josh's temperature rose quite high yesterday and he vomited again last night. This morning his temperature rose as high as 39.9 (on our digital thermometer) and over the course of the day, blood samples were taken, along with urine and sputum samples, and a chest x-ray was done as well. It is believed he may be aspirating in to his lungs - that is when he vomits, or coughs something up, some goes back down in to his lungs. The tests will determine that. He has been started again on a broad spectrum antibiotic; through an IV in to the back of his hand this time. If he does get what they called Aspiration Pneumonia, it is fixable, especially if Josh gets a gastronomy tube and a little procedure done which stops reflux and vomiting, which then lessens the likelihood of aspiration.

It was my 38th birthday today. And now, at the end of it, I'm so tired. Visitors, phone calls, text messages, computer messages, presents, dinner (my sis-in-law watched Josh for the 90 minutes I went to have Thai with my dad and Liz.), etc. My house looks like a florist! One of the cakes I got I had to share with the nurses! I was very spoilt - probably a little more so this year because of the circumstances, but much appreciated! Thanks, and hugs. xx

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Tianne said...

You deserve it Wendy, i'm glad you feel spoilt :)

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