Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another day

Went to bed just after 9pm last night after letting the nurses know, but unfortunately, while Joey had an okay night, the little guy in the bed beside us decided to cry every few hours.

John came around 11am and Kayla, Kane and I chuffed off to Bear Cottage straight away (to gather the rest of our things).

Using the directions I'd scribbled from Thursday night following the ambulance, I got us to BC with only one small detour, in just over an hour.

Everyone was welcoming and lovely, and asked us to stay to lunch, which, of course we did! It took longer to chat with everyone than it did to finish packing our things! The kids also did not want to leave!

Tan and Ant and kids came this arvo and brought me a copy of Angela's Ashes (thanks also to Kerryn for sending me a copy :) ), the sequel 'Tis, flavoured lip balms (even lemonade!) and yummy choc hazelnut slice, which I shared with the nurses.

Hoping we get a better sleep tonight, although now it looks like Josh's bed is faulty, as it inflates and deflates when it shouldn't, and beeps at odd times.

Josh looks better today, but it is too cold to go outside.

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