Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Institute

Josh had a visit from the RIDBC today. The lady that came will be his regular therapist. She showed a number of toys and lights etc, and tried to gauge how much he responded to different things. She left a couple of toys with us (on loan pictured below) and gave us some ideas on how to “play". For example, letting him touch the toys during looking tasks, using an excited kind of voice, using "ready, set, go" as the cue when something is about to happen (like suctioning, or flashing a toy), and to try talking even more about what is happening such as “that’s the phone ringing” or "Listen, Kayla just turned the TV on".

She left us a little report summary, and will come back every 2 weeks.

Pictured: duck hand puppet which quacks when you put his beak together, jelly-like amoeba thing that lights up and great for tactile play, and a musical light up toy.

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