Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Move it!

Josh was quite sleepy until about 10.30 today. I did some of the normal exercises I normally do with him, but took it a bit easy, because I knew he’d get a good workout when the physio came in the afternoon. And workout he got! She understood that while we were in hospital, we probably weren’t shown enough things we could do for Josh (in the way of exercising) and she reminded us that Josh isn’t a fragile piece of china, and we were shown a few ways to pick him up. She put the leg splints on his legs again, and supported him under the arms, Joeys back to her front. We thought we may need the 3 of us to help him support his weight, but Josh did brilliantly. He took some “steps”, aided and supported of course, towards me as his “target”. and this is something I could do every day, perhaps in front of a mirror.

We did some rolls on the blanket as well, and the physio placed him between her legs, on his feet, while she was seated on the lounge. We could sit together like that, and watch tele, or the other kids play. It was good to see some positive moves.

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Anonymous said...

Go Joey you are such a clever boy. Yeay!!!!!


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