Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uncle Toby's Big Splash Swimathon

The 4 kidlets and I went to Waves Leisure and Aquatic Centre this morning in support of the Swimathon that I talked about here.

It was a nice way to spend the morning; kids swimming and having fun.  We got to meet Cate Campbell (who is such a powerhouse swimmer!), and the kids received some Swimathon gear.  Melie did a few laps, and Paris did an amazing 40!

The goal was to collectively swim a total of 2009 laps in the 4 hour period, however, this was the total at 12pm!  What a great effort!

Apart from the support of a worthy cause, one of the most amazing things was the support for my Jojo.  A group of swimmers had Josh K on their bodies (see here and here).  Thank you!

This is the piece from the Hills Shire Times, and below is the article from Hills News.


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