Thursday, July 16, 2009

In review

It's school holidays and of course there's always something happening!

When Jamiela was still complaining of a sore neck and throat by Monday, I took her to the Doctors. Our "new" GP was on holiday, so we returned where we used to go. After checking her neck and throat, he prescribed some neck exercises, Panadeine Fort and Valium! I know one of the things Valium can be used for is as a muscle relaxant, and it was only presrcibed for a small dose for a short time, but I was still extremely hesitant giving it to her, so I didnt... she wasnt in that much pain!

Tuesday I took Josh to the hospital to have his PT check his feet, because they seemed to be turning an odd red / purple colour especially after standing, or holding him vertically. Melie came with me, and because I was cutting it fine to make the appointment on time, I tried to hurry putting Josh in to the car... Big mistake! He kept extending his legs, and I couldn't get him seated far enough back in to the seat. I literally had to get him out and start again. Slowly. At the hospital, I was assured that Joshy's feet changing colour is quite normal, especially for people who don't move much, and even more so in colder weather. She may also consider casting his legs in a bent position for a few days, to see if this is easier to put him in to the car...She also took another sputum sample that the Respiratory Doctor had requested last week; guess we'll know the results of that when we're next there. The PT also had a quick chat about Melies neck, and recommended the neck exercises, and agreed with me regarding the drugs.

Wednesday our OT came to the house and showed the other kids things they can do with Josh to involve him in play, which is also a way of incorporating exercise. They played playdoh, blew bubbles, and even played catch! Kane was brilliantly involved.

Today, we were meant to meet we some of Kane's classmates at The Mean Fiddler, but I didn't get my act together in time. When we were all finally ready to go "somewhere", we couldn't get the rear door of my car open. It happens sometimes when I use the key to only open the rear. Too hard to explain. Anyway, Paris is the only one who knows how to climb over the seat, and slide the lock over, but it can be tricky. Even with my help, it still took us 15 minutes to open the door. By then, I was annoyed. I decided to take us all to the hospital (how exciting) to get Josh a new feeding tube, because his current one had a leak, and then some lunch at the cafeteria, and a play in the playground. Afterwards we went to Parramatta and bought the kids some much needed clothing. It was a loooong afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

When Ashleigh first used her stander and probably for 12 months after she would get purple feet. Even now her hands and feet have sluggish circulation 3 1/2 years later. Her hands will stay white for 5 secs or so instead of 2 to 3 secs like most people when squeezed. Also her hands and feet are usually quite a bit colder than the rest of her.


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