Saturday, July 4, 2009

The week in review

Last Saturday I took the 4 older kiddies to the movies and dinner. Oh. My.

It's times like this that the age differences are apparent! Everyone wanted to see Year One, and I did think it would be okay. A few minutes into it though, I had my doubts. Kane got bored. Kayla was more interested in her popcorn. Hmmm. We had planned to perhaps meet up with my dad for dinner, but it didn't turn out that way, so we walked around the shopping centre for a bit, since 4.30 was a tad early for dinner. In the middle of Uncle Pete's toys, Kane suddenly decided he was busting to go to the toilet and had to go "right now!" After about 6 minutes of him doing his "busting" dance, we marched off in search of the toilets. "Where are we going now?" he asked me. "To the toilet, Kane. Because you're busting, remember?" "Oh," said Kane. "I don't have to go now". "Oh, yes you are!" I said. "Even if we have to stand here a while, you're going!" :)

Eventually we decided we'd go to a gourmet pizza place that the 3 girls and I went to last year. To entertain the kids, they provide balls of dough, as well as specially printed kids activity books and pencils. The pizzas are divine, except Kayla ordered the wrong pizza and her order came out with a topping she didn't want. Eventually Kayla and Kane swapped their pizzas. Drama Drama Drama. Melie and I again shared a banana pizza for desert, with cream and caramel sauce. Mmmm.

Josh had his casts changed again on Monday, and then on Tuesday I took him to his followup appointment with the Eye Specialist. He put an orange dye in both eyes, and this showed Josh's left eye is a little "drier" than his right, which just means perhaps we should be a little more liberal with the ointment we use. Everything else looked fine.

John was not well, and I cared for Josh 3 days in a row, which was challenging but manageable. I wasn't as productive (with Josh) as I would've liked, but I tend to take a little bit of time getting in to a routine that works for me, and with so much going on right now, I'm finding a definite routine hard! Kane was also off school 3 days this week with a cold, which is what half of Sydney has at the moment I think!

I also thought I'd share a little about the suction unit, in case anyone else out there finds it useful. We modified this a little from how it was given to us. We've added the black velcro straps to hold the yankeur and the water bottle, and have a little strip of plastic holding the bottle at the base. It was becoming a nuisance unscrewing the bottle to rinse / wash the yankeur each time we suctioned Josh, so a hole was put in the lid, and a rubber plug thing put in, so now we just leave the yankeur in there. Now I'm just trying to find a bag to carry it around in when I go out. Its just in a Sussans bag at the moment. It needs to be something large and sturdy, but ideally some kind of flap to make it easy to turn the dial on, and perhaps something that will contain the hose better. The therapist from the RIBDC suggested an esky-type bag.

I have the larger version of this chair from Ikea. John made the table. Just something different for Josh to sit in.

This is Josh in his standing frame. His head doesn't look too comfy though. Normally he holds his head - or rather his neck - better than this. John made the little table for this too.

Melie and Paris have also been extremely busy rehearsing, and this week performing in their school musical. I took Kayla and Kane along last night to watch the show, and Dad came too. It was great, and I'm so proud of my talented girls. I took a pic, but its not a good one. Melie is at the end on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Wow what a week. I absolutely love the photo on the left of Josh in the IKEA chair, where he is looking out from under those big lashes. There is definitely more going on now with him. The tables John made are great.

Liz and Ashleigh

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