Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kayla and Kane had their Kindy to Year 2 sports day. Talk about freezing! It was hard trying to keep up with everything happening, while watching Josh too, but it was great seeing the kids have fun.

This is Kayla in the sack race.

Josh had a haircut today, as did Kane. Their last cut was at the end of April! Each time Marie used the electric clippers above Joey's ears, his breathing would slow down. She also noticed he'd "reacted" whenever I spoke.

Upon discharge from the hospital, a few essential items were funded for Josh, including a new shower chair which came today. We had ordered yellow which is the colour of the chair we use now, but they bought the next size up which only comes in dark blue. His bed also came, and looks like the top one pictured here. It looks the most like a regular bed, and has many positions that are operated with a control pad (that also has a safety swipe key). It has a special air mattress too to alleviate pressure areas and reduce the risk of pressure sores.

I went with my eldest, Melie, to her parent / teacher interviews tonight. She's doing great; she is one of those lucky people who doesn't need to study to pass exams, BUT if she did study, she'd do even better. So now Melie just needs to learn how to study.

A few weeks ago, I took Paris to the doctors for her sore throat, and general flu-like symptoms. Tonight, at 8.30, I drove to 3 different doctors to have her seen because she is still unwell. She was somewhat better for a period, and I'd thought over the last few days that perhaps she was unwell because she was run down from the musical performance etc. But she's lost weight, and is lethargic, and has all the other symptoms that go with having a cold. Unfortunately, the first place we went to advised they weren't taking anymore patients for the night; there were only 2 doctors on, and 30 patients ahead of us. Around the corner at the next one Practice, they advised of wait time of an-hour-and-a-half. There was only one other place that a friend reminded me of (in our area), but they weren't open.

I talked with Paris' dad, and he's going to take her to the Doctors tomorrow.

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