Friday, October 2, 2009

Off to Melbourne

Josh is being picked up from me at 5.30 tomorrow morning, for his HBOT in Melbourne.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about it all. It's hard not to get my hopes up, when so much is dependant on the next few weeks, you know? And of course I will miss my Jojo incredibly. I also know how tough this is going to be on JF, and wish him strength through it all.

On the other side, is the time I will get to spend with Kayla and Kane (My 2 big girls will be away for the week). I believe its valuable time we really need. We've got almost everyday planned already, even some time to plant the vege patch we've been talking about!

After spending more money on my car for a new battery and terminals, and then another stint in the mechanics for a blown hose, Ive cranked up the search for a suitably modified car. My dad's been helping me, and we've checked out a few cars, including a local wholesaler who has been really helpful... fingers crossed; may even have something in time for when Joshy comes home.

Thank you to every one for your well wishes for Joshy's imminent trip. Ive also had numerous comments about how good Joey's looking in those recent pics Ive posted, however - and I'm trying not to burst any bubbles - he mostly doesn't look like that. Most times he is either sleeping, or drowzy-looking from concentrating so much on his breathing. As I told a friend, those last few pics of him have been taken after a shower, so perhaps I should shower him every few hours?! :-)

Finally, another huge thank you to Michael and Rachel, and Strategic Aviation, because without you, this trip may never have happened. xx

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys are getting to do this. I am so excited to see what happens for Josh. I guess the stimulation of the shower, all the temp changes the lifting and moving and the sensation from being rubbed dry is really stimulating him. Maybe warm wet face washers rubbed over him several times a day is what he needs?? Who knows.


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