Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Josh started school Monday... once he entered the school he was instantly alert.  He apparently remained that way most of the day!

We hung around a little to go over care of Josh, but Im confident of the abilities of those involved with Josh during the day.  It was really hard, letting go though... I felt the tears pricking my eyes the whole time I was there, so I left as soon as the necessarys were done.

He'll return to school next week, to allow staff to receive more training on suctioning.

I'm so glad of this huge accomplishment for Josh, and look forward to positive outcomes for him. 

Sleeping that night was one of his best in a long time; he didn't wake til around 4.45am.

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Tianne said...

That is such an awesome achievement, well done to both of you. Lots of caring love XX

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