Monday, March 1, 2010


Two days after receiving his wheelchair, Josh went to school, came home, and slept, and didn't wake for almost 4 days.  He did not have a temperature, and his secretions were minimal, but he just could not be roused from sleep.  We decided to send him to school on the Friday anyway, because if anything would wake him, that would, however we received a call before the end of the day, concerned about his erratic breathing and the blue-grey colour of his skin. (He woke briefly when putting him in to the car Friday morning, and when I put him in to the bath on Saturday, trialling a new spa mat I bought).

By the time Josh came back to my place that evening, his breathing seemed better, but because he had not woken, I took him to our GP (recommended by a friend who's son has CP). I'd spoken with Joshy's respiratory doctor the day before, who suggested we commence a broad spectrum antibiotic, which the GP then scripted.  That wasn't started til Sunday however, and by Monday evening, when Josh was with me again, he at least had his eyes open.  Spiking temperatures then were a concern, however this will always be.

We're not sure what caused this.  Sometimes, receiving botox (as he did a few weeks ago), can cause problems, but probably not this length of time afterward.  Perhaps he aspirated? Maybe its "just one of those things"?

Thankfully, Wednesday and Friday Josh went to school, alert the whole time, and fast asleep in his car seat within 5 minutes of driving! :-)

And, my clever boy received his first award.

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