Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Jojo had not been well all week; Monday night he was sleepy.  We suctioned a little blood.  Tuesday evening we took video of Josh's range (how much he could or couldn't bend etc) to send to ABR for an assessment of sorts and a further exercise plan.  He was still sleepy and pale.  Wednesday an appointment was made with the GP for Friday for Josh.  By Thursday night he was still sleepy and pale, and cold...

Friday morning I was doing Josh's morning nebuliser meds, and checking in on him as usual among doing all the other usual morning things like getting kids ready for school.  And one time when I went to check on him I knew immediately he wasn't with us anymore.  I tried to rouse him, and laid my hand on his chest. But there was nothing.  I called JF and he came within a couple of minutes.  My eldest daughter had already left for school, but the other three could tell something wasn't right, and hung around the doorway, but did not to come in to the bedroom.  I suggested we take Josh out of there since he shares with Kane, and lay him on his special lounge in the lounge room; somehow it occurred to me that Kane may have difficulty sleeping in the same room otherwise.

I called the ambulance who were also with us in a matter of minutes, and confirmed what we already knew...

...on Friday 2nd July, just after 8.10am, my Jojo - our brave strong cheeky Jojo who touched the lives of many - became an angel.

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Anonymous said...

Wendy. A while ago I stumbled accross your blog and read right from the beginning about Josh's accident and the change to him and your lives since then. I am not sure if I commented at the time, but I have never forgotten about him. It's been a while since I checked in to see how you guys are doing but for some reason today I felt like doing just that. I now sit here in tears as I read what has happened and whilst I don't know you I would like for you to know that your journey has touched me and my heart bleeds for you. You are one remarkable woman. Stay strong and know that there are people even in other countries thinking and praying for you. Natalie xx

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