Friday, August 6, 2010

Back On Track

Well, that had to of been the longest month ever. But conversely, didn't Jojo only leave us yesterday?  He obviously is never far from mind, but we - the kids and I - are doing pretty good. I know the pain will never leave me at least, but just not be as intense.

We have some hurdles to jump regarding our housing situation at the moment though; being a Housing NSW home, and wheelchair modified at that, technically we are supposed to now move again since we no longer need wheelchair facilities.  The problem comes with our family still being large-ish, and no other suitable home being available.  I understand the requirement to move, however I also know my children need to have stability and routine right now, more than ever.   The last 18 months have been so disruptive for each of them.  And so , under recommendation, Ive gathered support from GP's, school etc, to support our case to either move us now, or let us remain for the term of our 5 year lease.

In the interim, I can not just sit around waiting for a decision; I treat our home as exactly that; our home.  Ive made plans to get in to the garden, have recommenced putting up hooks and shelves etc, and have looked at colour charts for painting feature walls.

In the last couple of days, Ive also made some other important decisions, and finally feel that I'm ready to get back on track and move forward with our lives.

One of these decisions involves me commencing a few community services courses (eventually a Diploma) through OTEN, which I am really looking forward to now.  I can do them at my own pace (thank goodness - hoping I am committed enough to commit to study!) and therefore also take time deciding if this is the path I want to go down, because at the moment I'm thinking along the lines of psychology...

I still also feel strongly about the (near drown) community needing a place to get together to share experiences, swap ideas etc, albeit on-line, and since receiving plenty of support and encouragement, Ive also decided to get back to work on the NDSN website.

And I am finally going to do a little bit of travel; I have a holiday booked with some girlfriends for later in the year, and a major holiday with the kids and some other family organised for next year!  The last time I was overseas was 1993!  Very excited about both of those!

I also plan on taking some short stays in places like the Hunter Valley, and Melbourne, and also taking the kids for some overnighters up the coast over the coming months. Looking forward to chillaxin' with them.


Tianne said...

If you come up my way i'd love to catch up for a coffee and chat. I didn't get to chat to you at the funeral, there were too many people and we had to head off to Forster. Xx

Scarlett said...

Hey Wendy :) I'm really proud of you and the family and I'm really happy to hear you're looking forward and making plans even when things like your housing are so uncertain. Only a person as brave and beautiful as you could manage that. Well done. I think the vacation ideas are fantastic, especially having both a family and a girly getaway!

I certainly understand what you mean about stability, especially for Jamiela & Paris' senior years. Of course it disrupts everyone but I couldn't imagine doing years 10-12 in a constant flux of residence. Good luck dealing with the housing people and negotiating everything, I hope you get the best outcome possible.

And well done for continuing to support other families who have experienced near-drownings! Nothing creates better awareness, empathy and action than inspiration from a passionate person who's been there and done that.

Lots of love Scarlett :)I really love your blog, and its so good of you to share your experiences with the world, its great for those who been through the same thing...great for anyone whose going through life, really.

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I think the vacation ideas are fantastic, especially having both a family and a girly getaway!
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