Thursday, February 5, 2009


(taken from my journal)

So, today is the day we should see the beginning of what Josh may be like as he recovers from his fall in to the pool Monday night. I've just left his room in PICU and his temp is 33.7. They had to maintain it at a temp between 33 and 34 for around 72 hours, which is believed to help the brain recover. Over the next few hours, they will slowly allow his body temp to get back to normal. It's something like 1 degree every 3 hours. They are also weaning him off his meds such as pain relief, a med that stops him shivering, etc etc. which will allow him to wake up slowly out of his induced coma. and he'll be free to move or cough or show signs of pain etc. They don't expect him to wake until tomorrow-ish, and should be able to remove his respirator then. He is breathing mostly on his own (65%) which is fab, but he has an infection in his chest which at the moment they think is staph. There are degrees or forms of staph, and the doctors have told us that this is nothing to worry about. Yesterday they started Josh on a general antibiotic for it, but of course today, now that they now what it is, he's on specific antibiotics.

I am so nervous about the next few days, I feel sick all the time, but then I think about Josh and how he'd be feeling, and so mine is nothing.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been terrific. My friends are great friends. My fam is great. And even Johns sisters and sis-in-law have come to visit which is brilliant. My work has apparently said to take off as much time as I need, and that my job is still there when I'm ready. A relieving manager brought 2 washing baskets full of food and goodies to our home. Johns work has said to stay away, as has some of our family and friends employers (that is, that they can have time of work for a while)!

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