Saturday, February 21, 2009


Q: Is Josh in a coma?

A: No, not now. He was in an induced coma for the first few days, but after day 3 (or around 72 hours) they started weaning him off all the meds that kept him in that state. He was free to move about etc and show us how much or how little damage there was. The only med he has been on that may affect how responsive he is is morphine, but he was only on that for such a short time really. So no, he isn't in a coma. It just shows the extent of his brain damage. He doesn't move, or swallow etc, because he cant.

Q: Shouldn't the dressing on his pressure sore on his head be changed daily?

A: According the the medical staff, it should be changed every 3 to 10 days. The problem was that we weren't exactly sure when it was put on (around day 4 or 5), but thought that it seemed to have been on a long time and no one had even spoken of changing the dressing (like a band aid really) until we asked.

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