Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today feels like it's dragging. Its 5.13 and it feels like I've been awake a week.

The main Doctor looking after Josh came around this morning, and said she needed to ask the question about what to do in the highly likely probability that Josh will develop a chest infection. To treat or not to treat?

John bought the kids in around 10am, and they were pretty good playing out in the enclosed playground, and dealing with the unpredictable weather. Sunny one minny, raining the next.

John later spoke to that Doctor on the phone, and had a good chat with her.

John asked some of his family, and I asked my dad about their thoughts on things. I gleaned some other d&m stuff from my dad today which was very poignant, relating to when my sister died of cot death when I was five.

John helped Joey have a shower while I took the kids for lunch. All they do is eat!! Kayla loves the cafeteria because she can choose individual ingredients and I let her have them. For example, today she chose pumpkin, rice and peas. The other day I allowed her to have spaghetti on its own, without the bolognese. She thought that was fab!

While Josh had his shower, they changed the dressing on his pressure sore which is directly at the back of his head. He got this from laying in that one spot for 3 days, on the cooling mat. It still looks icky, but they assure us its fine.

John stayed at the hospital, and the rest of us left to pick up Paris from a friends, and then came home to do stuff. I ended up treating the 4 kids hair for lice. Again. Will treat again in a couple of weeks, but I think I'll have to take them to the Doctors, because this has been going on since before Christmas. We treat, comb, wash - arrrggh!

Joey's breath is "smawley" (that was Kane's way of saying smelly for those of you who are uneducated), because he constantly has the secretions building up in his mouth. I havent suctioned today, but I help John, or hang about when the nurses do it. But John and I have been making a good team when it comes to turning Joshy to his other side and repositioning him, and mouthwash, excercising, rubbing in the sorbolene ect.

Kayla made Josh a mobile yesterday, just in case he can see. Lots of yellow; Joey's fav colour. Or Lel-lo, as he would say.

Kane and Kayla are working on more stuff now to change the stuff on the mobile every few days.
Thank you to everyone who sends and leaves us lovely messages, and for those helping us out with meals. We are truly appreciative.

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