Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Again. Still.

I remember watching Oprah once, and she said something along the lines of "dont say or write anything that you would not say to someone in person". I searched for the actual quote just now, and found this: "I always write e-mails like they're going to appear in The New York Times," Oprah says. "Don't write anything that you don't want to see on the front page of a newspaper. That's how you have to handle it [gosspip], and that way you would not be writing those things." taken from here.

Writing this blog really helps me get my thoughts together, but is only my own interpretation of things at the time.

Josh had a great night last night. At least, that's what the nurses notes showed, and I hardly woke up, and certainly didn't hear Josh make any vocal noises for me to get up to. It's hard to know sometimes though whether there is a relation to his sounds, or just coincidence. * Sigh *.

Think I have a slight head cold though, so I shot off the the chemist when John arrived, for some meds. I don't normally take anything, rarely even a panadol, but this is a different situation!

Doctors told us today that Josh has staph. Again. Or still. It's Golden Staph - Staph-something-with-an-o. Not sure. Im not the medico. But I do know for sure they said it isnt Staphylococcus erpidermis, as its in his blood, not his skin. Whatever, they said it has to be treated aggressively. On the other hand, we apparently all have Staph to some degree, and everyone, like cold and flu germs (and all those other bugs) are carried around and transmitted easily. But becuase of the condition Josh is in, he is obviously more susceptible to infections.


Just spoke with John and the Doctors have told him (us) to look out for redness around his joints, aswell as stiffness there. Hmmm...

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Keryn said...

Oh ... poor little mite - I hope they can stop the infection early with antibiotics.

Hugs to everyone.

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