Thursday, March 5, 2009

A new day

Sometimes - and I'm talking very generally - the information that we think we hear, or even that we ourselves give, is not understood or is misconstrued. That goes both ways. And while at times that can be frustrating, I think however that it is normal that we each individually relate better to certain people, more so than others. I have to take this moment though to say that all the staff we have had dealings with over the last few weeks - no matter how small - have been lovely, patient and as understanding as possible. Why does that all matter right now? The Doctors made certain things regarding Josh's ongoing care, much clearer today. And we feel more assured about things. Thank you.

Josh had a great night again last night, although he stayed "asleep" longer this morning, and looked quite comfy. He seems to be responding well to the antibiotics, because is temperature he stable, as are his other stats, and there are no rashes or obvious joint redness.

John and I also noticed Josh open his mouth wider twice, and move his tongue a few times. We're trying to ascertain if he's actually swallowing, because there are less secretions.

Here is Jojo in his jimjams (given by Carolyn). The giraffe (from Isaac) we like to put it in Joeys hand to not only keep his hands open a little, but because it looks like he's strangling it! :)


Leesa said...

What a gorgeous, amazing little boy! Ditto for his parents.

Steve said...

your a legend josh we love you

Tianne said...

Thanks Wendy for reminding me how gorgeous Josh is :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little boy, georgeous chubby, healthy legs, it's lovely to have a picture of him in my mind...hang in there guys, love ness....xxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Josh looks great, he is such a beautiful boy. Ashleigh used to look to one side constantly for a while too.

I'm so glad to see a picture of your little man.


Anonymous said...

You are doing such an amazing job Wendy and you have more strength than anyone I know! I am sure Josh knows what great parents he has. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photo of Jojo.


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