Monday, March 30, 2009


All the days seem to go by in a blur. Sometimes I don't even remember its the weekend. I'm sure that if the other kids weren't at school, I probably wouldn't even notice what day it was.

Josh hasn't had any more problems with his feeds, thankfully, although Liz mentioned that shed read on some forums the possibility of intolerance (Lactose for example) perhaps being the cause. Our paediatric Doctor who we spoke with today seems to think that would be highly unlikely, and you'd only find a patient suddenly intolerant if they had had some gastroenteritis problem, or if they were babies. It is something to keep in mind however.

The last few nights with Josh have also been good; although somehow, he tends to end up in a wet patch from his nappy (if its been a few hours since his last change) because he somehow wees up, and the tabbed area of his nappies aren't absorbent. A bigger nappy doesn't help. Any ideas?

Yesterday we took the 3 kids to the Starlight room, and there was a magic show on, and . The magician was great - he took my ten dollars, Kayla wrote down the serial number, and he made the same note appear in the middle of a grapefruit! Some other tricks he did were great too! I think Josh loved the flashing lights in there!

A little later, two guys showed us some different musical instruments and we all had a jamming session. Kane was too shy to even look up, let alone beat a drum or shake a maracca! Josh's eyes were definitely "clearer" with all the sounds.

We had a nurse come by today to explain the PEG procedure happening Thursday, as well as the care aspect of it. Everyone keeps saying how easy it is as far as the actually feeding and maintenance of it; its like having your ears pierced - its hurts for a bit, you bathe it, and later, once its healed, you could take your earrings out, and after a while, the hole would start to close up. The incision for the PEG is much the same; it heals quite quickly, doesn't bleed or anything, and starts to close after an hour!

Along with the PEG procedure, they are also doing a fundoplication; this is where they wrap the stomach around the esophagus to stop reflux. Sometimes they can do a "loose" wrap, so Josh could still relieve air (burp), or a "tight" wrap, where the air would have to be released by opening the button on his tummy. Hmmm. All this is pretty much done by keyhole surgery, and he will be in ICU for a few days afterwards.

There was an article in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday with John, Josh and myself; when they did the interview last Thursday, Kyle and Jackie O were originally supposed to be in the photo (from what we understood) so I was not prepared to be in the pic myself!

Anhyow, the main message we wanted to share is that drownings can happen at anytime, even when youre there.

That message has at least reached one person, as the comment left on a previous posts reads "...Every person with a child and a backyard pool should read your blog. My eyes do not move from my kids in the pool now."

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