Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off Again. On Again.

Joshys feeds finally reached the 22ml mark around 7.30pm last night and he had no problems - until lat this arvo. When the kids and I turned up just after 6pm, we came in via the playground, and noticed John and Josh weren't out there, as Id expected (since the weather was lovely). I knew something was wrong. Josh had vomited twice, and his feeds were switched off. Again. They resumed the feeds a few hours later at 11ml, and slowly increased them over the course of the night.

My brother and his new fiance, both of whom I hadnt seen for more than 3 years, returned from San Francisco and Canada respectively on Wednesday, and stopped by last night. They came bearing gifts for us from Peru, which is one of the places they visited on their backpacking expedition before returning to Oz. Joey has a lovely (bright!) yellow blanket to look at (for now). I haven't been more pleased to see anyone in such a long time.

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Veronica said...

Wendy, it's nice to hear you got to see your brother. Sounds like that made your day. Hang in there and sending you hugs from Canada.

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