Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday afternoon, Johns brother came and sat by Josh, while the rest of us went out... We went to Hungry Jacks first, but the weather turned chilly so we didn't stay too long, so we went home for a while. We were all quiet, and it just didn't feel right.

The physiotherapist has come a few times over the last few days, to give Josh a patting session. They place a towel over his chest, cup their hand, and pat over his lungs (basically) to loosen the phlegm and stuff there, so it's easier to suction. They're doing that a couple of times a day, because Josh sometimes sounds a noisy in the throat when he breathes, and when we suction, we have trouble getting "it". Afterwards, he breathes more quietly.

Monday morning, we met with the lovely Jo-ann and Michael Morris, who's son Samuel was in a near drowning a couple of years ago, and subsequently they founded the Samuel Morris Foundation. They are a down-to-earth couple, and I'm sure I'll be calling on them for advice or support over time.

Johns brother Rick, and my girlfriend Raelene, came to the hospital to be apart of the meeting with the Neurologist, and other Doctors and medical team involved in Joshy's care, which took place yesterday at 2.15pm.

There were more people than before, but it was less daunting. John and I were much clearer though on what we wanted to say. But! The team were pretty much already aware of what we want. We have decided to treat everything. If a decision ever needs to be made to restart Joey's heart, or put him on life support again, that's a different thing, and something we would try and address at the time if needed.

We talked about a gastronomy tube (a tube straight in through a "button" in the stomach), and also the steps needed to get Josh home. There's still a long way to go to even get to that stage; it seems that a 4 month stay in hospital is about average!

Josh has the beginnings of a chest infection in his right lung. Not all near drowning patients get chest infections. We were also reminded of the likely hood of recurrent chest infections becoming a problem.

We also re-discussed the sleeping medication Zolpidem, (also known as Stilnox). The Doctors, especially the Neurologist, was more encouraging regarding it's use, and offering his help to find out about possibly using it with Josh.

Overall, however, John and I were happy with the meeting, and we hardly said anything! :-)

On Monday afternoon when I was at home, John called me to say Josh had vomitted again. Returning to the hospital, I found Josh with an oxygen mask, which was a bit scary, but just a precaution I suppose. The physio came again later that night, and gave him a patting and vibrations session, and suctioned lots of "stuff", and afterwards he had a great sleep.

The last 2 nights, although Ive woken when the nurses come in, I haven't had to get up myself.

Joshy's temperature has not spiked at all and has been pretty stable, which is a good indication that the antibiotics are working. The course (of antibiotics) is due to finish tomorrow (Tuesday), and they will then remove the cannula. They'll only give them again if his temperature goes up for a period and they determine the infection needs further treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy and family, those thank you notes are really gorgeous, Tianne is a very talented girl, just like her mum I guess...no offence John...can't remember if you were arty farty!:-) Well although 4 months seems like such a long time ...not knowing seemed even longer! The fact that he can see is so good. My mum went to school with a girl that had been in a "coma" for over a year, mum said she could remember her telling stories about what she could see and hear whilst she was in a "coma", but she wasn't able to communicate back and one day something happened and she started to progress...so miracles do happen and Josh's sight results are a great sign of hope. By the way I am with that lady who came up to you and had to say something about the way you LOVE your little Josh, I can feel all your energy going into this little man and I can not even see you...so whatever happens everyone will know you never once gave up on him. You are both doing a great job with the rest of your family which is just as important...more loves and hugs..I wud love to call u...is anytime a good time?....Ness

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