Saturday, March 7, 2009


Kane went to a party yesterday afternoon, which was supposed to finish at 6.30pm. It ran over-time, so we didn't get to the hospital til 7.20pm.

I immediately noticed Josh looked a bit grey. John said he'd only been that way for a short time, otherwise he'd had a great afternoon.

It went from bad to yuk... his temperature climbed, lots of secretions and suctioning along with the vocal sounds he tends to make when he is uncomfortable. We kept putting cold compresses on his forehead and armpits, but they would get warm again very quickly.

The nurse gave Josh Panadol, and John and the kids left close to 8.30pm. It was 10pm before Josh went to sleep. I stayed up til 11.30, but couldn't really sleep, because images from "the day it happened" kept invading me. When I finally did sleep, I woke around 1am to Josh's noises, and I suctioned him, but every time I thought he'd finished, and I changed the hand towel under his head, he would cough again, and I'd have to do it all over. That went on for about 20 minutes. I did get a bit worried; I even sms'd John to let him know. He was given more Panadol, and settled down.

This morning, after more yuk, another sputum sample was taken. A little later it was ascertained that the infection is resistant to the antibiotics they've been treating him with, and had just started him on a new drug, which is to be given (still via IV) 4 times a day when I left.

We feel a bit more lost on the weekends, because there aren't as many staff, and certainly not as many Doctors.


Anonymous said...

HI Wendy, a bad night - I understand fully what you are saying re weekends, hospitals are just like hotels, with no one to turn too. HOpe the new antibiotic does the trick. So frustrating for you and JOhn. hazel xxoo

Tianne said...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day now with new AB's.

Thinking of you all constantly and big thanks for keeping us updated.

Tianne xx

Anonymous said...

What a shame about the antibiotics, hopefully he respond better to the next ones. Exhaustion! I am feeling exhausted just reading about your life right now..i'm wondering how you do it...Hope today is much better and you get a little break with your ness xoxox

Steve said...

hi wendy & john &family hope josh has a better day today our thoughts & prayers are with you all love merle family & friends oxoxox

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