Monday, March 16, 2009


Josh slept through Saturday night without any problems! And no other incidents occurred throughout yesterday either.

This morning, I got up a few times between 5 and 5.45am to suction Josh, even though the nurses had just done it, but then he was peaceful til the physio came and woke him around 9am.

He had another x-ray to make sure that his feeding tube is still in the right place, so that his feeds can resume.

We had visits from the rehabilitation team, who suggested a couple of medications to help loosen the stiffness Josh now has in his joints, which in turn will enable us to move him easier, and maky also relieve any discomfort he may be feeling, but the down side of the meds is that it may sedate him slightly. We also had a visit from Jo and Michael, as well as the normal Doctors rounds, so it was a busy morning.

We gave him a shower and took Josh for a short walk outside, and then did a weight and height check, whereupon Josh vomited a little! Hmmm...

His feeds have been resumes, though so far, so good...

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Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Hi Wendy, Josh's book is coming together.. we have people from all over the world contributing which is awesome. I can't wait to have it all done and to give it to you..


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