Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting #3

Meeting number three was today; smaller room, and not quite as many people as previously. Around 14 people including John and myself.

Main topic was what to do about Joeys intolerance to NG and TP feeds. A gastrostomy was discussed, but there is something else that can be tried until then; a PICC. In my understanding, its like a thin long rubber tube placed into an artery either up the arm, or down through the neck, til it sits near the heart. Nutrients (and other things like antibiotics etc that may be required) go directly through here, are basically "picked up" by the heart, and dispersed throughout the body.

(Yesterday Josh had a cannula in his right arm removed because it was starting to leak (it had been there at least 9 days) and a new one was placed in his left hand near his thumb. Today that blocked, so it was removed, which was another reason for the decision regarding the PICC.)

That procedure is being done tomorrow (hopefully morning) sometime - one of the surgeons came and saw me tonight regarding the op. It is actually a fairly straight forward procedure normally, but like anything, its not without its risks.

John will be in (to the hospital) later than usual tomorrow because a rehabilitation person will be assessing the home and suggesting modifications and equipment etc.

This afternoon I left at 4pm. and returned 6.15pm, so not much done at home.

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