Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday and into Sunday morning were uneventful, which actually is not a bad thing. Joshy's antibiotics for his two infections were stopped, and a new drug given to help stop the secretions from his stomach. John played some home video of Josh on the laptop, and that was really hard for me to watch; I had to leave for a while and had a good cry.

Saturday night, I um-ed and ah-ed, but decided to have an "early night" and went to bed just after 10pm. I woke briefly whenever the nurses suctioned Josh (only a few times), and then got up at 7.30.

Yesterday, John and the kids didn't end up coming in to the hospital at all, because Kane had a temperature, which got as high as 39.9, along with a sore throat and tummy. John took Kane (along with the other 3 kids) off to the Doctors, who prescribed antibiotics, but we're not sure what the "problem" is. It was certainly a looong day, and the only visitor we received was Poppy, because the rest of the family had been out at our nephews 1st birthday. I, with help from the nurse of course, still managed to get Josh showered, and out for a walk. It was gorgeous weather yesterday.

Last night, I got up around 1am a few times, and then around 5am...

I missed seeing my kids, and giving them a hug. Also, Paris went to her first High School camp this morning, and doesn't return until Wednesday.

The lovely Marie offered to look after Kane this morning, so John came in to see Josh, and I picked up Kane around lunch time, but he seems quite well. Nutella sandwiches do that to you. :)

We have another group meeting with the whole team tomorrow; the focus will be on a gastrostomy. Josh still is not tolerating large amounts of formula, and has been on 19 mls per hour for a day or two. The rest of his fluids and nutrients he receives intravenously.

Joshy's physio sessions have been decreased to two sessions a day (the percussion and vibration), so we'll see how he copes with that.

The younger kids have another session with the Play Therapist this afternoon, so I'll have only been home 3 and a half hours in two days...

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