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Got up quite early this morning (for me lately) - around 7.20am - to Josh gurgling, so now, at only 9pm, and after an eventful day, I am quite knackered.

John came in with the kids around 10am this morning, and we gave Josh an actual bath (rather than a shower) for the first time. We were a bit uncomfy with the whole thing, but a nurse helped us out, thankfully! Took Josh for a little walk, and then the kids and I left around 1.30pm to go to Poppy's place for his birthday get-together, and meanwhile, John took Josh to get a transpyloric tube put in place. Again.

It is felt that because of his little vomits, a TPT will help alleviate that.

It was nice to be at Poppy's with the rest of the family... I sure missed my Jojo though, and not seeing him play with his cousins. The birthday cake "thing" was really hard, and I had to force myself to stay in the room.

We went back to the hospital before 6pm for the first time in... lets just say: weeks! John is tired too, so he left soon after.

About 6.30pm, Josh's feeds were put back on, after the Doctor looked at the x-ray to determine that the TPT was in the right place. Ten minutes later, he coughed foamy stuff. And ten minutes later, the same. Ten minutes more, he coughed brown stuff, and ten minutes more he vomitted brown stuff. His feeds were stopped again, and the Doctor decided to do take another x-ray of his chest and TPT placement. Joshy's temperature was not high. Meanwhile, one of the Doctors told me that the sputum sample they took a couple of days ago has in fact grown two bacteria; staphyoccoculus and another one. Its not in his blood though, so his antibiotics have been changed again to a more specific one.

I left for a little while while they x-rayed and cleaned Josh up a little etc, and while I was gone, he had apparently vomitted a few more times. If he keeps vomitting, they are considering an ICU review. As it is right now, they are monitoring his heart rate and oxygen levels constantly, he has an oxygen mask, and when I am ready to sleep, a nurse will be assigned to just watch and care for Josh for the night. I feel better about that.

But no one is really sure why he is actually vomitting, especially since the TP was supposed to help that.


wend0100 said...

Hi Wendy My thoughts go you to you and your family.
I have two healthy boys of my own and cannot begin to imagine how I would cope if something as tragic as this had happened to either of them. You and your husband sound strong. I wish you lots of love strength and much support.
I have made a small donation, Wish it could be more but was retrenched on Tuesday.
All the very best of luck to you all and give little Jojo a cuddle form me please.

Neha said...

Hi..I heard your story on the radio this morning and I'm sorry to hear about what happened to Joshua.

I wish you and your family all the strength in the world.

I have made a small donation, I am sorry I cant do much more as I was retrenched a few months ago and am a bit tight with money these days.

My prayers go out to you and your family.

P.s. Joshua is a strong adorable little boy.



sarah said...

Hi , im so sorry to hear about your little baby boy i have a 3 yr old girl my self and could not imagine what will happen to me if i went through the husband owns his own painting company and is willing to do any painting jobs you would like to be done his company is Inspirational Colours and i will leave my email address if u ould like to email and get more info we would love to help you out...god bless you

Anthony Casamento said...

Hi, Im sorry to hear about your little boy,
When i heard about your story and what your husband and you must be going through i Immediately wanted to help.
I own my own Carpentry Business La Casa Constructions Pty Ltd and i know that modifications to your house need to be made to make it wheel chair accessible especially to the inside of the house. For eg.Making door openings wider. What ever is needed i Would like to donate my labour free of charge.

I will leave you my email address
Please please feel free to email me for any help that i may be to you and your husband

Keep strong and my prayers are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Hi , Very sad situation. I am an motor mechanic living in Bowen Mountain, sydney and i wish to offer my services as a mechanic for free labour on your vehicle if it needs doing.I do not have a workshop but can do most servicing in my driveway.If you are interested dont hesitate to contact me and i will also try to arrange free parts from our local supplier. Contact Byron Jones at

Yvonne Harkness said...

Hey guys,
I am very sorry to hear about your situation on the radio this morning it made me cry. i am a single mother of 4 kids, 2 with special needs so i can understand where you are at in your head spaces.
i have a small hobby business of my own and would like to offer my services to you for as long as you want to use it.
my business is card making eg. birthday, get well, wedding christmas etc & they are all handmade by me.
this will be at no cost to you.
here is my email address if you would like to use this offer it will always be open just drop me a line.

i hope this will help you guys out.

love and hope to you all
Yvonne Harkness

Steph said...

I heard your story today on 2dayfm and although I can't give any 'material' goods, I can give you my time. I also live in NSW (I assume you at the Children's Hospital Westmead, or Sydney Childrens?) and if you need some time out I would be happy to come and sit with your beautiful man. Offer also stands once you are all back at home, would have no problem babysitting all your lovely bunch (free of charge of course). I work with disabled children for my job, and am in my final year of training to be a primary/special education teacher. I have also worked at special schools as a teacher's aide and am familiar and comfortable with tube feeding, changing, positioning, wheelchairs/therapy equipment.

Please feel free to contact me, even if it is as 'help' while you are at home too (I know how hard it would be to leave your precious boy in someone elses hands).


Thinking of your wonderful family. xx

sandra said...

I heard your story on 2dayfm on the way to work and I had tears in my eyes , I can only imagine what your all going through, every mothers worst nightmare. I can't afford to help you out financially but I would love to help your family out as I have a small cleaning business and I could doing some cleaning/washing /or ironing free of charge once a month for the rest of the year just to make your lives a little bit easier so you could spend more time with your precious little Joshua & the rest of your family.My hopes and prayers go out to you all,please feel free to contact me on my email and I will be happy to help . My email is

The Gunther's said...

We are so very proud of you, our love and support is always here for you to tap into at anytime. Josh is always in our thoughts as you and the rest of the family are.
Love you heaps,
Tan, Ant, Kate and Issac

Anonymous said...

Hello, I too would like to offer time so you can get some rest. My email is I am an AIN.

kathy and family said...

Hi, out thought and prayers with you and your family, we made a small donation to your bank account, hope it helps, god give you strenght and patience, we pray for you.

Kathy and family

Pumpkin Patch said...

Hi Wendy

I am from Pumpkin Patch Childrens Clothing and we were really moved by your story.As I mentioned on air we would like to donate some vouchers to your family to help relieve some of the financial stress. If you email me I will organise to send these out to you.

Love Liz

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