Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of my closest girlfriends Tania has made a quilt for each of my kids, presenting it to them at around their Christenings when they were babies. She got a bit side-tracked with Josh's, because she started a course and was studying very hard, plus being a normal busy mum with 2 kids right in to their swimming, and helping out with school etc. But today, Josh got his quilt, and, like the others, it's gorgeous also!

There are also a lovely bunch of ladies who make quilts, and donate them to the hospital to then pass on to severely or chronically ill children, and their siblings. The project is called Quilts for Keeps.

So, I tried to choose a quilt for each of the 5 kiddies. Not an easy task!

For Kayla, Kane and Josh, I chose quilts with the same sort of theme, called "Eye Spy". There are squares with different prints on them, and you can have fun looking for different pictures.

What a lovely thing!

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Anonymous said...

Those quilts are such a lovely thing. My boys love theirs and use them when they watch TV. It is one of the nice memories of being at Westmead.


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