Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Easter Bunny even visited Josh, and Sunday morning, when I woke up, there was a choc bunny, fluffy bunny, and some Roses choccies on Josh's bed. Thank you very much!

Sunday at Poppy's for Easter went really well... Again, I was quite well prepared regarding supplies, and I'm pleased that while looking after Josh is now a full time thing, we were still able to participate and enjoy the company, and the day. I think it was a nice surprise for everyone to see Josh there. :)

He was tired though! We returned to the hospital by 3.30pm, and Jojo was alseep by 8pm.

It's Tuesday today, and I havent been home since Friday, and even that was only for an hour-and-a-half. It's all due to the lead up to going to Bear Cottage, and getting Josh home. Not much happened yesterday; in fact, John and the kids didnt even come in. We thought it was more important that John get as much of the doorway from Joshy's new room (through to the bathroom) done. We did have visitors though, and I took Josh for a walk in his stroller, which we will borrow until the wheelchair is decided upon, and custom made.

Today was busy with more meetings, including with the Social Workers, and a hand-over to our new Case Manager, which is great because that means we just need to liaise with the one person for any queries, or paperwork etc, instead of trying to remember who we see and for what.

It's Kayla's 7th birthday tomorrow, and I feel bad that I haven't made her her nominated cake. One of our traditions is that the birthday kid gets to choose what cake they want made, and I attempt to create it! This year she chose (and I actually was a tad gob-smacked) a "pool" cake. It's simply a round cake, decorated with choccy tv snack bikkies, and on the top is green jelly (for the water, but I was going to use blue jelly, because green pool water? Ick!), with some other bits and pieces for effect. Time wise, however, it just wasnt gonna happen! So, after promising to make her that very cake at a later date when Josh comes home, she will no doubt by now have chosen a cake for us to cut after dinner tomorrow (since John and all the kids left to do a bit of shopping).

Every night I sing songs to Josh. You know, like, Twinkle Twinkle, and other soft lullabys. I also try to sing one of our favourites, skida-marink-adink-adink and I can never get all the way through it before I start to cry.

Another song, that was purely Joey's and mine, is a piece that Lisa Crouch put together. I actually cant remember the title, but we call it the Hot Hellaboon (Hot Air Balloon Song).

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