Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 11/4/09

(taken from my journal)

John and I were both supposed to get a massage yesterday, but the Social Worker told us that they realised that it was Good Friday, so it has been postponed...

So, instead, we were given a two hour "gate pass" and took Josh home for an hour or so!! We arrange that John would meet Josh and I out the front of the hospital at 11.00am. I wheeled Josh in a stroller, and placed Josh in to a car seat the Rehab Team had loaned us the day before. It was quite tricky to get Josh in to both the pram and car seat, because he doesn't automatically bend at the "right" places now, and we have to ensure his hips and butt are right back, without letting his head flop (although he isn't too bad at holding it up), and at the same time watch we don't tug at his shoulders. I'd prepared a kit bag of supplies - eye drops, tissues, mouth swabs, sterile water, saline, gauze, portable suction unit, catheters for suctioning etc. The only thing I forgot was the power cord (for the portable suction unit) which John reminded me of the car, so it was a quick trip back to the room to get it.

For the journey home, I sat beside the car seat and John got Josh from the stroller to the seat. everything went well. I was most concerned about the car ride, but Josh seemed fine. Once home, we put him in the stroller again, and took him in to a couple of rooms. The we put a Wiggles DVD on (of course!). I managed to put on a load of washing, get the kids some lunch, coffee for John and myself, and before we knew it, it was time to get back to the hospital.

The whole thing went really well - Josh didn't break out in blotches (as he tends to do sometimes now), we didn't have to suction more than usual, his breathing didn't appear more rapid, and I seemed to have remembered to bring everything that was needed! Yippee! Now, when we surprise Johns family with a visit from Josh tomorrow, we'll look like we kinda know what we're doing. :)

Pictures soon!

We returned to the hospital around 2pm, and John went straight back home with the kids, ready to work on more renovations to the bathroom and Joey's room. That meant that Joshy's feeds were about an hour behind schedule. Later, I took Josh to the cafeteria to meet some of the ladies who hadn't seen Josh yet, but after that, the afternoon stretched out with just Jojo and me.

I picked up the book "The Firm" by John Grisham at the hospital stall on Thursday, and am loving the read. Loved the movie too, but original books are always better. I was reading "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt, and was about 3/4 through it, went it suddenly went walkies from Joshy's room ( a few weeks ago now). Grrr. In between books, I read Mills and Boon for a bit of light reading. I read while I watch Josh go to sleep, or write, or watch a movie. Ive never watched so much TV!

The watermelon lip gloss I bought Josh a few weeks ago also disappeared, along with a gorgeously soft teddy given by Care Flight. That though, I think was gathered up with the linen...
During Doctors rounds today, the head consultant (at the moment) is the guy we haven't seen for a few weeks now, and he basically told us to get out, and leave Josh. That is, to go out as a family and go to the Easter Show or something for example, and leave Josh in the capable hands of the nursing staff. (I knew "something" was happening when two nurses followed the Doctors in to the room). After the Doctors left, the nurses, who are just lovely people, told us (Johns brother and family were visiting) to go. "Go on, out you go. Go for a coffee or something. We'll bath Josh and change his sheets. Go for 1/2 hour. An hour would be better". So, out we went. Meanwhile, John came with the kids, and saw us in the playground. He went along to Joshy's room, and, after giving Jojo a kiss, was told the same thing - out! My dad came to pick up Kayla and Kane (who are staying there for the night) and again - out! I have to admit, it was nice to not have to rush back.

So, it's 9.45pm, and Joshy's sleeping now. I put special lubricated gauze (Bactigras) over his eyes to keep them closed and therefore moist. He'll have one last feed at 10.30pm, and then I'll catch some zzz too.

When he is sleeping, my Joey looks just like the Joey Ive known for 3 years and 6 months. xx

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Keryn said...

Hi Wendy,

I just read that your copy of Angela's Ashes went missing. I have one here that I have finished reading so will pop it into the post for you. Might not be for a day or so as I don't have a PO nearby.

I also have Frank McCourt's Tis if you want to read that too. Just let me know.

Hugs, Keryn

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