Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch Up

Monday John took Josh to the hospital to have plaster casts put on Joshy's feet. This first time was mostly to ensure he was able to tolerate having the casts on, ie: no pressure spots, no rashes or irritations etc. They went from toe to just below the knee and looked big and cumbersome as casts are. The casts were done in blue, and the kids drew a couple of pictures on them. today, we took Josh back to have the casts removed, and the physiotherapist was happy that there were no marks etc on Joeys feet. Josh has to go back next Tuesday for the physio to stretch his feet in to more of a 90 degree position, and then she'll put the "proper" cast on. That will stay on til the Friday, and then most likely another casting placed, stretching the feet a little more.

I caught up with some friends for coffee yesterday, and the best thing was that Josh did his smile "thing" and noises for quite a period of time, and they got to see it! It's also good when other people notice subtle changes in Josh, because when we're with him everyday, sometimes it's hard for me to see.

Kane, the sweety, has not really been participating in "news" at school; only once or twice. He didn't do it a preschool either. He is extremely self conscious in front of a crowd, especially those he doesn't know. His teacher tolerated it for a while, but now has been trying to encourage and reward him for giving news a go. Tuesday is Kane's news day, and it was "l" week, so he had to take something beginning with the "l" sound. He took "Lightning McQueen" (and a toy level for backup). Yesterday afternoon, when he came home, he immediately placed a yellow helicopter on Joshy's chest... he chose it out of the teachers special basket for doing his news! Awwww.

We also had a followup meeting with the rehabilitation team about Jojos progress, and they were encouraging regarding our care, and were pleased with Joshy's progress. Always good to know.

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