Sunday, May 17, 2009


The weekend was a big one!

Kane had his first sleepover, and it was at his cousins! He was so looking forward to it! He went the Friday night, and on Saturday he had a party to go to, so John took him to that. He had a fab time, and said that staying at his cousins house (3 boys) was the best!

Kayla, Melie and Paris went to Sibling Camp, held by Bear Cottage, at the College at Manly from Friday night through to this afternoon. It was Kayla's first time away for more than a night at somewhere other than family or a friends house, and she was a bit worried she wouldn't be in the same room of a night as her sisters. Families were placed together though, so it all worked out great, and they had a good time too.

Last night, I went out with some school mums / friends to a local tavern. I had a great night, but unfortunately had too much too drink and was sick. Well, actually, although I definitely did drink, I think I became more inebriated because I was already tired, hadn't drunk alcohol for such a long time, and, the main one - which didn't even occur to me until almost midday today - I was on antibiotics! Oops! I slept in til about 10am, and actually felt almost 100%.

This evening, my step-dad and brother came around with some home cooked stuff. Rus made a stew concoction, and I made some potatoes to accompanying them and some other veges. Rus also put the stew into a cob-loaf, added cheese, toasted it, and it was like yum this way too. We tried our first pomegranate, and red grapefruit too. Mmmm...

And through it all, Joey has been fine. John and I are doing alternate nights as far as looking after him now, so tonight it's my turn. Lucky I had a sleep-in this morning!

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