Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just thought I'd share a couple of pieces Josh uses...

This first one is a Medifab chair, which can be used in the pram, or taken out and used in the Lowrider (ye-haw!) as pictured. The pram is on loan from the hospital until the wheelchair is decided upon. Initially, the pram used a slightly different Medifab seat, but at the meeting the other day, our Occupational Therapist realised that the Lowerider she was about to loan us could be interchanged. This is actually a cool little chair, which can be adjusted to tilt back at varying angles, but I love how it can be wheeled around, so Josh can join in where ever we are. And its yellow (Joeys favourite colour!). The headrest is actually quite good too, because Josh tends to favour his right side, but this helps support his head more. In the background is the suction unit we need to take everywhere...

And this is Josh in his Leckey shower chair (also on loan). It has a base that it comes away from, which then allows this top part to go in the tub. But, as you can see, it needs quite a bit of water! Its not like Joey has been crawling through the mud, so afterwards, when Josh was finished, Kayla and Kane had a bath too! Josh looks soooo long in this photo!
You can also see Jojos peg button on his belly, through which is how he is fed. If you look closely, you can see 3 little scars - there's actually a 4th one in his belly button so the scars create a diamond pattern), and these are from the incisions the doctors made to put his peg in and tie the top part of his stomach. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a great little chair the lowrider is, how fantastic you have it on loan. Looks like you guys are really getting into the swing of this whole new life now and feeling OK about getting out and about as a family. Good on you, you are fantastic parents.

Liz and ashleigh

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