Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday 11/5/09

I did the night shift looking after Josh last night with him in his room, and after I put Josh to bed, I didn't actually sleep til 1am. Around 2.30am, Kayla woke me saying she had a headache. Just guessing, but perhaps it had something to do with her hard plastic headband squeezing in to her head while she slept? Since I was up, I repositioned Josh to sleep on his other side, and he had a cough. Unfortunately, when I wake, it usually takes me a while to go back to sleep, so I didn't drift off again until close to 3.30am or so. Josh didn't cough or wake again until almost 7am. He had a great night; just wish I could train myself to fall asleep better.

I had an appointment with our Social Worker today, and Josh and Josh saw the Occupational Therapist. After my meeting, I joined in on Josh's, and found that the Physiotherapist was also there. John had been showing them what exercises we do do, and they showed John other ways to do things, ways to position him, including tummy time, suggested surfaces to lay Josh on (firmer rather than softer), etc.

Josh will be having some day splints made for his hands, which basically are made from wetsuit-type material, and support his wrists, keep the main parts of his fingers free (so he can use them), and keep his thumb stretched out.

Josh will also get feet casting done next week. He cant flatten his feet properly, so that when we try to put his feet splints on, also known as AFO's, his heel doesn't sit flat on the bottom of the splint. His toes tend to "point". Casting will require that his feet are positioned so that for example, if he were siting in a chair, or pram, his feet would sit flat on the floor, or footrest, instead of only his toes touching, and plaster of Paris is used (like a cast for a broken bone). That stretches the foot out for a couple of days, they take the casts off, and then stretch the foot a little more, so that eventually, Joeys feet will be in the "correct position". That should make it easier to place his AFO's on, and even normal shoes.

We went to Westfields, and finally found a bag (in the baby section!) suitable for all Jojo's bits and pieces we need while out.

We left home at 9.30, and returned at 3.00pm! An all-day event!

Josh has had a great day today... he really seems to be "looking" more lately. We try to talk to him all the time, and tell him what's going on or involve him in conversations etc. And even Kane is slowly involving Josh in more of his passing comments.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, Wendy I have been following your blog since hearing you on Kyle and Jackie O's breakfast show... You sound so inspirational and positive after such an emotional ride you have had. How life can change in an instant. I wish you and your family all the best during this journey and pray that your Josh continues to improve each day. My thoughts are so often with you, your strength overwhelms me.

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