Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was a mixture of things. Low key, uneventful, busy, sad, and normal, all at once.

I slept in Joeys room last night, while Joey slept with John in our bed, so Kayla and Kane came in to me yelling Happy Mothers Day! They had hidden pressys (purchased from the school Mums Day Stall) around the loungeroom, and I had to play "Hot or Cold" to find them. We took the pressys in to where Josh was and I (or rather, Kane) opened them.

My eldest two girls were at their dads for the weekend, so I was planning to take the other 3 out to McDonalds for breakky, but it was raining, so Josh stayed home with John.

Later, we got busy moving stuff about, because Johns dad officially moved back in! And then, for dinner, Kayla, with Johns help, made us all scrumptious mini pizzas! And I cleaned the kitchen! :-)

I especially missed my mum today, and was hoping for a smile or something from Josh...I would have liked the girls home. I would of liked the whole day to be different.

Next year will be better.

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