Monday, June 1, 2009


Took Joshy back to the hospital today to meet up with another company who supplies wheelchairs. We took one for a spin, but there really are many considerations when choosing a wheelchair, so I'm happy to listen to the advice from the OT and PT. A major factor about this one, the Pink Panther (of course, if we went ahead with this one, we'd have to ask for yellow!!), is way to heavy for me to lift in to the car! Josh seems pretty comfy in it, and the head rest suits his needs perfectly, but I like one of the first chairs we tried better (cant remember the name). We can probably get the same head rest to fit in the other chair too, but we have one more lot of chairs to try before making a final decision anyhow.

This is Joey with his wonderful OT and PT. You can see the casts on his feet. I wrote on his left cast "Mummy ♥ Jojo. I do", and John wrote on the other foot "No. Daddy do." Just a thing we used to, and still say... Anyhow, these were taken off today too (by his PT in the pink shirt), and they hadn't left and pressure areas or marks, which is great! First time Ive seen the saw they use to help cut casts off!

Tonight, Josh had a spa, and a little while later Kane joined in. Doesn't Joey look uber relaxed?


Anonymous said...

JoshJo looks sleepy :)
and kane looks likes he's happy to be waking his bro up :)

Anonymous said...

Bronwyn is great, she was our outpatient physio too. Josh looks grown up in the chair.

Liz and Ashleigh

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