Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) visited Josh today, after a recommendation from his opthamologist, to see if he'd qualify for services they provide. There were two ladies, and we're chatting away, with Josh in his pram, when Josh "talked" and gave a smile! It was only the one noise, but it was definate; it was just like the other 2 times he made noises (at the GP's, and while out for coffee with my friends). "See?" said John. "We're boring!" :) Its definitely as if Josh responds to new faces, or knows when we're talking about him!

The ladies used a couple of different toys and things, to see what grabbed - if any - his attention. At the moment, Josh tends to look up a lot, and doesn't necessarily track or follow something with his eyes. We could see though that he seemed to move his eyes more for a red tinted picture held on an illuminated light box, and he was more interested in looking at one of the ladies faces rather than the toys.

It was good to see, and also means he qualifies for their services. Someone from the RIDBC will come and see Joey every 2 weeks and check his progress, and suggest different activities etc to stimulate his vision. We can also borrow things from their "library" so we don't have to spend loads of money, although I'm still very keen to get a light box anyway.

Gorgeous Kayla danced in the Sydney West Dance Festival tonight; Melie, Paris and I went along to watch. I love shows like this, and Kayla looked so cute. This pic is from this morning with her makeup and hair slicked back (they had to wear a helmet as part of the costume) before she went to rehearsals. Kane gets to see the performance as part of an excursion through school, and John is taking Josh along to the matinee performance on Thursday.


Jac said...

Hi Wendy,

So good to see so much more happening with some more people coming on board to give support and help to Josh and yourselves.

love the photos - would love to see more of the dancing photos having been there done that myself as a little girl.

Josh's yellow chair is awesome (as those chairs go) what a colour and the bath one is great. Hope you have lots of help lifting him in and out of the bath - my DS4 is a dead weight when I try to lift him out and that's with him helping me out.

Bit teary reading your memories - and so able to relate them to my DS4 - you'll go back to the photos and film one day - good thing there's not set day you have to do it - all in good time.

Thinking of you guys - take care of you!


Jac said...

Hi there! Was thinking of Josh and wanted to pop in here and tell you just that - trusting he's coming along fine & the rest of you are getting some US/ME time to take the edge off things.

House hunting at the moment and I can tell you - I have been a bit shocked at the ones with pools and what I call inferior (but legal) fencing - I've refused to apply for any rental properties with pools due to having a special needs child already. he just wouldn't get it that you can't help yourself to the pool.

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