Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last night, my good friend Tan, spoilt me by taking me along to see P!NK at the Entertainment Centre. (Actually, I took us (in my car) and was glad the car made it. Its duel-fuel (has gas and petrol) and has been stalling a bit lately). I was happy I didn’t feel too old, but next time I go to a concert, especially if we’re to be on the dance floor, I will not wear boots with heels! Today my feet are soooooo sore. I must of stood on every inch of my feet in a different position. Anyway, I reckon we were 12 people away from the end of the stage runway. Lots of fab music, dances, and stunts! And shes gorgeous.

Thanks Tan.

(This of course is Pink, and in the 2nd pic there's Leanne, Rach, Tan and me).

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