Thursday, July 30, 2009


seem to be playing catch up. If its not with the blog, its doing the laundry, or researching or something! There's no such thing as spare time. The minute I slack off, that's when things pile up and I'm like a dog trying to catch it's tail.

Kids are back to school, and thank goodness I reckon. We get in to bad habits during holidays, like late to bed, and late to rise. Josh wasn't getting his first feeds til between 8 and 8.30am, where as normally the first feed is at 7am!

My car is RS. JF replaced the fuel filter, but that didn't fix it. The mechanic I took my car back to thinks the Gas Converter is the problem and guessed at a price of $1000 to fix it. I got my car back today (not fixed) and had it towed to another mechanic who reckons that if the Gas Converter is the problem (he'll check first), he'd install a new one for $300. Big difference, huh?

There had been mention or two of a possibility of a donation of a car or van, but this hasn't eventuated. I was also hoping I wouldn't have to look for a new car until things settled down a bit, but that looks improbable too.

Have really missed not being able to just get out and go somewhere.

Josh is smiling more often. I haven't had a repeat "performance" like this one last week (as far as length of time and across the whole day), but he is definitely smiling more in general. It may be to a song I'm singing, or something we're talking about (Macca's!), or just because he's in the swing or in his standing frame. JF reckons he's "mummy's boy". :-) Its quite funny when Joey smiles; often the kids and I are running around grabbing cameras, and we're lined up ready for that Kodak Moment!

Have been house hunting, and last week the Physiotherapist came with me to check out a home I'd applied for (and she thinks its fine). The story of the landlord and agent is too long and boring to go into, but suffice to say he's (the landlord) is still making up his mind.

Checked out another wheelchair here at home today. Actually, it was the very first one we looked at back in April. From memory, the rear wheels are only 16 inch, so they're not as big as other wheelchairs, but the whole thing is very cushiony, and looks like a cross between an ultra pram and a wheelchair. Goes great over grass too. Its an "all terrain" kinda chair! Called "Quickie Zippy" me thinks... Anyway, as well as refreshing our memory as to what it looks like, and measuring Josh for it, we needed to see if it fits in to our cars. Since my car is a 7-seater, I can only afford to lose one seat to accommodate the wheelchair if I had all 5 kids in the car. To get the chair in the car, one of the fold-up seats will need to permanently come out (no problem), and then we can just take the back of the chair off, the seat off, and one wheel, and fold the chair. It will take a couple of minutes, but shouldn't take any longer than someone with a large pram. On my own, I can lift the frame of the chair in this way. If I only needed to transport 4 of my kids (for example), that would mean I can fold up the remaining rear seat, and lift the whole assembled chair straight in to the back, and it would fit. Trouble is lifting the thing! It weighs around 30kg assembled. Geez Louise! The OT has asked for the wheelchair company to supply a price for a foldable ramp to be included with the rest of the quote for the wheelchair and bits, and hopefully that will be approved and allowed for in the funding...

My nan is apparently doing well, although I haven't been able to see her since last week. She is in a general ward now, and on a light diet. She should be home by the weekend, which is good timing, as I should have my car back by then.

Took Kayla to register for her First Reconciliation tonight... Im not Catholic so the whole process is new to me too...Thankfully, three mums from this street attend the church and are all involved with this years Reconciliation. I can breathe a little easier!

There could be more to write, but since its now after 12am, I'm feeling a tad fuzzy...

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Adrienne said...

I love this photo Wendy - it looks for all the world like he is saying "ooohhhh". Beautiful boy xx

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