Thursday, July 23, 2009

Move it

Joey had an appointment yesterday with the Orthoptist to be fitted for a hip abductor. Basically it will be a simple device designed to give his thighs a good stretch a few hours a day, while keeping his hips in alignment. That should be available in a couple of weeks.

Joshy's PT showed us a different kind of standing frame. Its made mostly from lacquered mdf, and tilts back after loosening the screws, which is much easier to place Josh in. The straps and other bits and bobs are easier too, compared to the one we currently use. Its also a lot more expensive if we were to buy one. Something like we use now costs around $600; the mdf version is about $2500! She was so impressed with how Josh's feet flattened out in the feet holders, with the help of gravity, that she decided to not do any more casting for a while and see how he goes. We need to ensure that he has regular sessions in his frame, and watch for colour changes and marks etc on his feet. In a few weeks, if she is happy with his progress, she will do one more casting for a few days to "give one good stretch", and then his AFO's can be fitted and made to measure properly. I thought that sounded pretty good. Josh looked fab, and comfortable in it, and the PT will bring it by on Friday for us (since we had no room in JF's car to take it with us).

I also reminded the PT about wanting to commence hydrotherapy (exercises in a heated pool) and we have now scheduled that to start in a couple of weeks. Yes, the thought is a little... icky. But for me personally, I think that being in a different pool will be more manageable. And kinda exciting in a way.

Saw a couple of nurses who had helped look after Josh during his stay (hi girls!) and they all commented on how tall Josh seemed.

Today, I had my first session with a Clinical Physcologist. Went fine. Didn't feel overwhelmed, or stressed, or unhappy about anything. My life however is not something I can just unload in an hour, so I gave it to her in a nutshell, told her my most pressing concerns, and I like that she gave me some tangible things to work with until I next meet with her.

Today was one of those days that felt all over the place, and I'm left with the feeling of unaccomplishment. There's so much information to read up on, and things to check out regarding Josh and potential treatments etc...

Oh, and Ive heard my nan is doing quite fine. Part of her bowel was removed, but she has been up and about walking with her own physio. :-)

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