Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And then...

the next day can leave you feeling exhausted rather than elated!

As far as I know, Josh didn't really smile today. I spent the morning with my dad, catching up over coffee, and more coffee, enjoying the beautiful morning sun, and talking about some serious stuff we've got going on at the moment.

Later, dad took Melie to meet friends at Rouse Hill for me, because Ive been having trouble (more trouble!) with my car over the last few days, and didn't trust that my car would make it that far without stalling in the middle of traffic, as its been wont to do lately. My dads friend had already offered to put in a new door handle so I don't have to climb over the passenger seat anymore, but again, I didn't think the car would make it to where he lives. So, after I met with an agent about my housing requirements, I decided that my car needed to see the mechanic TODAY!

I literally just made it. Of course, being impromptu, I didn't really think the mechanic would be able to do much today, but he kindly offered to "look" for me, and advise me later, so I left the car with him. I didn't know whether to go home, or look through the home maker shops... JF did offer to pick me up, but I thought that was a lot of trouble. So, I had a nice lunch at a cafe, called a friend who wasn't home (I could have walked to her house and had a visit), and then... walked some more. I did pass a bus stop, but that route didn't take me where I needed to go. And it would've been too tricky to hail a cab. And my phone battery was almost empty. So. I kept walking. All the way home. It only took 50 minutes, and I don't walk fast.

Knackered would be a mild word for how I felt.

Around 4.45 the mechanic called to say that my car is a "death trap" (how lovely), and that a semi trailer almost wiped him out at an intersection. He suggested the fuel pump must be blocked (again) but he will know more when he looks at it properly. NEXT WEEK for probably 3 days! Arrrgggh! Not sure how Ill go with no car. Luckily Josh doesn't have any appointments for those days...

While on that call, my Uncle left a message to tell me my nan is in hospital, and would be having surgery later tonight. She's a cool 88, my nan. She has a hernia and her bowel caused a split in it, causing her lots of pain. So I borrowed JF's car to be there with my Uncle when she came out of surgery, and they bought her up to HDU (High Dependency Unit (equivalent to ICU)) just before 9pm. She looked tiny, tired, but fine.

It was a weird combination of feelings, seeing all the familiar machines and tubes, and holding my frail nanny's hands.

Tonight, I hope she and I sleep like a baby. And tomorrow is a new day. I hope Josh will smile.

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Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts and hugs. Lol Kathryn x

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