Monday, August 3, 2009


Josh had his first session of hydrotherapy at the kids hospital today with his PT and JF. Little monkey slept pretty much the whole time! Could it have been something to do with the temperature of the water being something like 32 degrees (or is it 34 degrees?). Maybe it was because silly mummy grabbed "pullup" pants out of the cupboard and put those on Josh, instead of "Little Swimmers" and the weight of the full nappy tired him out? Or perhaps the whole experience was just super relaxing, and he felt no need to wake up.


His PT had been concerned that Joey would require suctioning at least a few times during his session, but I think I did it just the once.

Next school hols, we're going to bring the kids in too, and they'll be shown ways to play with Josh in the pool. Hopefully, whether its for that or his next hydro session, he'll be awake...

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