Saturday, September 12, 2009


SSS? Smiles. Swimming. Sadness.

Josh and I are share the bedroom, and Wednesday night while I was washing my face, I heard a "different" sound from Josh, so I went over to him and even though he was facing the other way, I could see a smile on his face. And he was making "noises". I stood where he could see me, and he continued to make sounds and smile for a couple of minutes while I talked to him! Then, he made this 3-part noise that actually sounded like a happy chuckle! I was so excited, it was a wonder I didn't wake the other kids up with my noise! I managed to get a photo, but this was after all the "big" stuff. Afterward, as I was talking to Josh about the photos, it occurred to me he might like to see them, so I showed him the pics on my phone, and it seemed like he was really looking at them. :-)

Thursdays are a busy day, with swimming for Josh in the morning and Kane in the afternoon.

Before swimming this week, Josh had to be fitted for new AFO's. A guy from orthotics basically casts both feet into the position that our physiotherapist is happy with, and makes AFO's from the moulds. They'll be ready in a few weeks.

Hydrotherapy was great; the water seemed even warmer. And Josh seemed to enjoy kicking his feet.
We even played "Humpty Dumpty"; the physio lifted Josh out of the water and sat him on foam on the edge of the pool, and when "Humpty Dumpty had a big fall", we jumped him back into the water.

At Kane's swimming, there's a lovely lady who's son actually goes to the kids school too. Her littlest boy is a couple of days older than Josh... The more I looked at him, the more he reminded me of how Josh was, even though he didn't actually look like him. The little boy was having the teeniest whine about not wanting to do something, and I could only see him from behind. Have you ever noticed your kids have a special look from behind? You know how cute their backs are, the back of their neck and the way their unruly hair sits? I was reminded of Josh, and could hear him in my mind saying "That dick-a-less" (ridiculous). The more I looked, the harder my struggle. Look, don't look. Look, don't look. I broke down. I couldn't help it. Where are the tissues when you need 'em? It was only a minute or two, but a staff member came over and asked me if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee, which was sweet, because I've kept to myself mostly. And I also felt bad because the mum had been trying to engage me in conversation. I know I don't really owe an explanation, but I think i will just briefly explain that I was just feeling a bit low, without going in to too much detail.

Bring on the smiles!


Anonymous said...

I was crying looking at your blog/site for joshua. And when i read that you were getting smiles & new 'noises' i felt hopeful & it restored my belief in... something... My heartfelt wishes are never far away for your situation & your little boy. I hope all the love, prayers & wishes coming josh's way make a difference. Keep strong. Mary M, Newcastle NSW

Steven said...

That was wonderful to read. Great work Josh! Keep up the great work Wendy - Steve, Kristie, Caleb and Amelia - Mount Gambier

Anonymous said...

Looking great in the pool Josh, great head control. Wendy those moments are hard for sure, I still look and wonder and remember.


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