Saturday, October 17, 2009

In hospital

We arrived at the CHW Wednesday evening, and "patiently" waited in the waiting area of ICU for my little man...

About 1/2 hour later we went in, and woah! talk about a rush of memories! The smells; antiseptic hand wash, saline, formula - the sounds; some crying, hushed voices, machines beeping and buzzing - and of course, the sights; precious little bubs, bandaged kids, anxious carers...and there... there was my boy, and it was all I could do to not burst into tears straight away! I'm such a soppy girl. :-)

Ive stayed with Josh the last 3 nights. Actually, to be honest, the first 2 nights, while he was in good hands in ICU, I slept in a parent's room in another ward. The oxygen he was receiving through a mask was slowly decreased, and everything else seemed okay, and so yesterday he was transferred (back down to the ward where we were for his first stay at the beginning of the year) and so I slept beside him.

Each night he goes to sleep, like a regular kid, around 9-9.30. He simply closes his eyes, his breathing slows, and he is quiet. This is a pic I took - its so cute. He often does this while sleeping; must be having sweet dreams!

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